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tv   Fox 31 Denver News 9P  FOX  October 1, 2016 10:00pm-10:31pm MDT

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field not afraid to go across the middle. strong hands looking to make the tough catches. holding it a little bit too much to turn around to make a play on the ball. >> brady: as his teammate said, he's a dog. he meant that in the very best way. >> joe: a lot of times people think that they don't have that sort of player. he's been a tough set there. he's kind of that for the arizona state offense. at least at the wide receiver position. >> joe: white drills one
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coverage. call it 3rd-1. confidence building drive here for brady white. maybe the guy now. really the last two drives. >> brady: the hard part you don't know what the situation will be with manny wilkins going forward. >> joe: reaches for the goal line, and for back-to-back touchdown drives for arizona state, gaining some momentum heading into next week. >> brady: they show up once again in the fourth quarter. the hot their most production so far of the game. talked about it before, nicholson came in last week for kalen ballage, a linebacker, a pullback, not exactly sure what he was going to beat, but you could tell this a lot of toughness in the young man, he's a strong runner. doesn't waste a whole lot of
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he doesn't stray off course. so ralston up with a touchdown in a 41-20 game. it's too early to start diving into standings but the point is to kind of take a look and remind us of the teams that are there and remind us to take your pick right now. who's coming out of this? >> brady: who would've that colorado would be coach mac? >> joe: they were patient. rightfully so. a lot of universities sometimes don't give the coaches enough of an opportunity to really build a program. colorado is a prime example of that. you look over, clearly washington, stanford, to meet their the two best really in the pac-12 as well. i think they separated themselves from the rest. still a lot of football left to be played, as it stands right now washington is probably the
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into the college football playoffs. i don't know that it's too lasting, much like stanford last year, is going to make it in this year. you look at some of the other teams, even outside of the power five, talking about houston, things like that, a lot of football left to be played, you sort of see things kind of take shape right now. heading closer to the college football playoffs. >> brady: oregon right now is in a 30-14 hole. tory jackson playfully jumps at the ball that's way over his head. right now, it's an impossible question, but it's hard to pick a team right now and say, who's really going to take over? look. when you're looking at usc, they're one of the most talented. we at five guys on that really we could've had six. no disrespect to arizona state, they've got the talent, the problem is there kaiser young.
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there's number of players who are in a similar situation. as you go through their roster thing yeah, after next season they have a lot of guys who are eligible. and i think that, you said, there really talented, i think a lot of people would agree that they're the most talented. it's just a question of, does enough other way for them with two losses to fight back and win the division? >> brady: utah lost today so that was kind of the first step in >> joe: again, you're talking about some teams who also have the talent, you look at ucla, the system there. left to go to texas a&m. then a great job sec west. in a little bit of a filling out process as he tries to adapt.
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us what you're seeing today not a surprise based on what you saw this week. speak of that's exactly right. adoree' jackson may have set it to me best. he said we can only go up from her. we said good things against utah, it was the first time we were starting to really play together as a team. also said it we are at usc, we need to block up the attention. right now we need to come together as a team and that has been the message. >> joe: he's going to get the first conference win of the season against this ridiculously tough schedule. if they'll move to 2-3 while arizona state will suffer its first loss falling to 4-1. >> brady: what a performance by sam darnold. on the right track in the running game, good defense for
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of play, much more aggressive tonight. offensive court nader wanted to bring more pressure. they wanted to bring more pressure. they talked about openly to the media this week. it sure was. >> joe: all usc from the start tonight. they outgained arizona state 523-3 oh three. a couple of late touchdown from arizona state to make it look much closer than it was. feeling good. >> and night for you. 23 for 33, 352 yards, you've dreamed about this moment, playing at the coliseum, does it get any better than this? speaker at the collective victory for sure. at a gorgeous looking to come back tomorrow and monday and learn from our mistakes and get better that way.
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of those touchdowns but what's it like playing with them and heidi think you guys can continue to grow together? >> the 26 is a great player. we've got great guys around him as well, and it's easy to spread the ball around and get different guys involved. when you can do that it makes it that much more valuable. speak of this season didn't start the way you wanted at usc, what can you do, what can the team due to collectively change it around? >> we just got to build on the swing and take it week just keep moving on game by game and do it that way. >> thinks we're time. congrats. >> joe: congratulations, you're right, jenny, took it grew up dreaming of playing here. getting himself a 41-20 win and his debut at the coliseum, well
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with available traffic jam assist.
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>> joe: at sam darnold living a dream tonight. pleading usc to a 41-20 final. that does a fair here in, but her mind xe, super saturday over on fs1 all starting with the red
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11:00 a.m. there's more college football on fox saturday night. washington and oregon, washington could be ranked as high as number six, taking a look at the rankings at this point. for the rest of our fox sports crew, joe davis saying good
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this just in. tonight heller clinton's campaign reacting to a new article released in the past hour about some of trump's taxes. the new york times says trump declared a $916 million loss that year and that could have allowed him to legally skip paying federal income taxes for years. on twitter clackamas larry clinton's official account retweeted the times link to that article. you may recall hillary clinton brought up during last week's debate. happening right now, denver police looking for a gunman who opened fire on a crowd of people early this moaning coming killing one and wounding another. good evening and thinks for joining us, i'm keagan harsha. police say the shooting followed a disturbance in a the corner of colfax and pennsylvania avenue. fox 31 dave young talked to the victims family who is asking for someone to come forward. >> police were called here on a shooting to colfax and
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2:00 a.m. >> responding officers located two men who are suffering from gunshot wounds. both were transported to a hospital where 71 of them didn't make it. >> the man who didn't make it according to family is 34 -year-old run wells. >> who deserves to be killed in the street? >> his mother said he -- >> my daughter received a facebook post that told her that her brother was dead, so she called me. >> this area over here is dangerous already four or five killings already over here this year alone. >> police and the victims family tell me some kind of fight broke out where shots were fired killing wells and wounding another man. >> it was a black cadillac those going around firing a lot of rounds. there's a lot of rounds out here so i don't know what is going on. >> i don't know anything about why he was shot. ren never really lived a life to be around criminals. >> several people who live
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has become a magnet for criminal activity, especially at night. >> it's ridiculous. i just can't feel safe in the neighborhood. i've been here for five years and it still. >> the family says investigators told him at least 15 people were out here and saw what happened. they are just asking that someone tell police who fired the shots. >> and rate now police say they are looking for some of those witnesses to come forward. >> it would be much appreciated. it won't return my son but it would be appreciated. >> dave young, fox 31. >> if you have any information on the shooting you are asked to call denver police or crimestoppers. cars collide sending 4 people to the hospital. denver police it happen this afternoon in the northbound lane of south wadsworth near west yell. you can see that debris spread all across the street. a viewer sent us a picture of the accident. one car looks like it nearly wrapped around the utility pole. the accident shut down wadsworth
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injuries but at this point we don't have an update on the victims. a missing man from craig who vanished on a camping trip has now been found dead in mesa county. scott burke left home last week in search crews spent days looking for the 43 -year-old, from the air and ground, but with no luck. he was finally found by someone today in a remote area of mesa county on bureau of land management land. authorities don't suspect foul play but they don't know how he died and told toxicology results come back. no six-year old boy shot on his south carolina school playground has now died. this is jacob paul. he was shot wednesday when a 14 -year-old opened fire at town the omen to school. a bullet think an artery in his leg and he suffered massive blood loss. he died today. the 14 -year-old shooter is accused of killing his father before visiting that playground, where of the skitter say he also shot a teacher and another student. both of them are
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encouragement for women and southern colorado as a family continues to search for their missing daughter. called the soul sister; this event was hosted by laura saxton, the mother of missing kelsey schelling. kelsey was eight weeks pregnant when she finished within three years ago on her way to see her boyfriend, dante lucas and pueblo. he's been named a person of interest in the investigation into her disappearance, but she is never been found. today's event was aimed at creating a safer community. also new colorado springs police officer not guilty of excessive force. officer stephen biscotti was accused of kicking, punching and choking a handcuffed man named michael ferguson. according to the colorado springs gazette, a jury found him not guilty of menacing and third-degree assault. out with the old and them with the new. by law, all marijuana products sold in the state will now be stamped with a brand-new warning label. the fresh packaging is intended to improve safety. new restrictions on edibles were also put in place today. fox 31 julie leonardi takes a
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>> in an effort to keep all marijuana products out of the reach of children, all edible marijuana manufacturers were forced to change their packaging, adding a new warning label. that label will also be on the product itself. >> this is going to be the old logo that they used to require on the bile. >> but walk into any dispensary today and you will see something a little different. >> they went from that to this demarcation of the d -- almost as a warning label. >> it's called the universal symbol, designed to stand out. not only on the outside, but on the product itself. lawmakers and state health officials hope the change will raise public safety awareness. but tenders agree it's a positive improvement to the industry. >> responsible consumption is what we strive for. we all want this to us. we definitely don't want anybody to ruin it for the rest of us. >> the regulations take effect today. the local edible manufacturers have been prepared for the
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>> here to purchase over 3,000 new chocolate molds that contained the universal symbol. >> andrew shot is a the ceo of blue kudu, the company manufactures a line of chocolate bars containing thc. the repackaging cost his friend about $80,000. >> it does come at a significant cost, but any positive change we can make for the industry for a double safety for the consumers, we are always in favor of. >> with the new restrictions comes limit on purchases. as of today, no one can buy than 800 milligrams end of doubles. that's eight boxes of blue kudu chaplet. he is hopeful the changes will keep products out of the hands of little ones. though he says children need to be educated on what the universal symbol means. >> but if you are a child and you see the symbol on the product, then you may not know what it is. >> as of today, all manufacturers have already change their packaging but dispensaries have until decembed with the new.
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>> now to the denver broncos and their test against tampa tomorrow. they are one of five unbeaten teams in the nfl looking to improve to 4-0. but they will have to do it on the road, which is where we find her own bruce hurdle. >> he and humidity could be a factor here in tampa tomorrow afternoon where you might as well be playing in a sauna. but that's just a bunch of choice and the broncos know they have plenty of other challenges to deal with. >> very dangerous. we have to focus on the positive things he's doing because 's you always see:good cornerbacks in this league and obviously a great young quarterback we see. >> it's winston's ability to create when the play breaks down that causes the biggest issue. >> hopefully we don't have to give up anything. you have to maintain your lane but you also have dish to shut it the past and that's two different things. >> every team's games against the other to be sure but you have to take care of yourself first. for denver, that may mean running the ball better than the
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week. or does it? >> we can run anyway. run, past, we can win. >> trevor simeon has gotten better every week to the point he looks like a pro bowler in cincinnati last week. coming back home to florida now as a quarterback expected to win is his next challenge to overcome. >> i'm not looking too far ahead or behind me at all. i'm really focused on taking it week by week and i think that's the strength of our team. one day at a time hammering away and >> the broncos are trying to start 4-0 for the third time in four years. but for the time they went about it this season has certainly been unique. more on that while we continue a little later on in sports. with the broncos in tampa, bruce hurdle, fox 31. >> go broncos picnics bruce. sticking with sports, the buffs can and a solid win in boulder today, taking on the oregon state beavers 47-6. colorado is used to being on the other side of that lopsided
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showing everyone their competitive start to the season isn't just a fluke. >> i think it proves we are legitimate maybe. that we can do it. because everyone told me all week are they going to have a let down undo they play out of their minds. like i said since day one we are a good football team. >> i think we have so much to go. if we win these first two games and lose the rest it won't matter. we still have a lot of work to do i fillet we have a lot of big things to accomplish. up job as the backup quarterback. coming up later in sports, what coach mcintyre has to say about the quarterback controversy that may be brewing in boulder. do developments along i 72 minutes we are getting our first look at the i 70 ductwork project. artists from all around denver got around to the section of i 70 van i ducked a facelift. here's a look at some of that finished art. the denver urban arts fund, a nonprofit, contracted 20 local
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gallery on the viaduct. earlier today, east 46th avenue was closed off so people could check it out. feeling the burn for a good cause. today dozens of people showed up at the history colorado museum on broadway to warm up for tomorrow's cycle nation event. our sister station, colorado's own channel two, is a proud partner of the american heart association. this weekend they are sponsoring the first-ever cycle nation event in denver. the big event is happening tomorrow from 1-5 at union station. meteorologist matt mickens and heather mills will be there and so will the weather beast. he won a make sure to stop by and say hello. teams will be writing stationary bikes to raise money for heart disease and stroke research. still ahead on fox 31, we are talking turtles. it takes more than one person to help conserve the sea turtles. it's a team effort. coming up only on fox, one of our graphic designers travel down to coaster rico to see what goes into saving these majestic creatures. >> and for that cycle nation event row afternoon it looks like a repeat performance of
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although once again the beginning of this work week big changes are scheduled. will let you know what is to come, coming
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washington is broken. a blatant case of special interests a draft bill by scott tipton was largely written by tipton's biggest campaign contributor. even worse, tipton's plans threaten thousands of recreation industry jobs. gail schwartz will protect colorado's public lands, jobs, and our rural way of life. gail schwartz -- independent leadership for colorado. house majority pac is responsible
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now pinpoint weather with meteorologist mark monstrola. >> the trees turning a golden color and affect the sun goes down by 7:00 you would have no idea fall has officially begun especially when you consider the temperatures who saw this afternoon. numbers made it all the way back to 80 degrees earlier today after starting off in the low ford 50s. both of which below will average this time of year. we were nearly 10 degrees above
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80-degree days and i think we continue it into tomorrow. although it is comfortable outside now. fifty 9 degrees downtown and much of same in the eastern plains. a touch cooler but not by much. a few 40s and the high country. partly cloudy skies rest overhead and we have some dying light showers in the eastern plains south of i 70 but those were fade out pretty quickly as we approach midnight. as we work our way through the rest the overnight it looks like client skies will prevailcr plenty of sunshine early tomorrow morning to get your sunday started. then tomorrow afternoon once we especially approach the late dale we could see some showers develop. this particular model has a shower or two developing over the eastern plains but i don't believe that will be the case. i think it will be a struggle to squeeze out any moisture from the sky. we are anticipating to stay dry and warm and a little breezy. overall a beautiful day.
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while plows through. showers north and east of us but cold air dives and behind it and that will take highs from the 80s in which we saw today and again through the day tomorrow and drop us all the way back down into the 60s for highs by that we get to the middle of the week. upper 70s along the northern front range tomorrow afternoon. beautiful late september or early october day now with temperatures in the low 80s around the city. upper 70s and low 80s as we head south of town. a few clouds mild. our seven-day forecast has us in the low 80s for sunday and monday before we dip down to the 60s for a couple of days in the middle of the week. the best shot of rain isn't much but it comes wednesday and thursday. >> maybe the rain will knock some of those leaves out of the trees. >> let's hope not. in the high country especially. >> if you live in denver coming you knowofirst-hand rents are sky high. people are shelling out big


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